In The Office During Oktoberfest

Today At The Headquarters

It is time again! “Oktoberfest” in Munich is happening right now. It’s the time of the year when we all become beer lovers…lots of beer-lovers, and girls put on their traditional Bavarian dresses even if they are not locally sourced, and guys put on their dance and singing skills…where there are so many tourists in the city that it seems to burst any minute, and also where there is no possible option on hotels or rooms at all. From September 20th – October 5th, 2014: Two weeks of crazy happiness where the stiff Germans show that they are actually really fun to party with.

Oktoberfest, I am sure you have heard about it. If you never went, come on over to Munich and experience our beautiful culture. Put it on your “things-I-will-do-in-life-vey-soon-list.”

Today At The Headquarters



Here is what Munich’s working peeps are practicing during Oktoberfest: Most table reservations start around lunchtime or in the afternoon. So, we go to work for a couple of hours and then head over to Theresienwiese. Being in the office in Tracht is generally accepted by Bavarian corporations during this special time, but with any business related topic, there are a couple of things to be aware of.


Here are some general etiquette rules when wearing your Oktoberfest outfit in the office:

1// Being tidy with details

I know this sounds funny, but unless you have a selection of aprons (girls) and shirts (guys) to play with, your outfit will most likely get dirty when “schunkeln” in the beer tent. Be tidy with your shoes and make sure your Tracht doesn’t smell. Let is hang in fresh air over night, especially if you go two days in a row.

Today At The Headquarters


2// Covering cleavage

I know, we all love the look of a well-proportioned girl in a dirndl. Moreover you understand the impact of your fully pushed cleavage in the office zone. Whether it is Oktoberfest or not, don’t show off your besties in the office. You can release them later in the tent if you like. Oktoberfest is just 2 weeks – you still want to be respected after that. I make sure to wear a jacket or scarf for coverage. Distract people with your cleavage outside the office – it’s more fun.

Today At The Headquarters

3// Wearing the right shoes

A dirndl cannot really be categorized into chic or casual business attire, because it isn’t business attire. However, I think you rather look chic with heels. Wear a mid size heel for the office and switch into flats when leaving the headquarters for the fest.

Today At The Headquarters


4// Wearing the right length

A short Dirndl might be very sexy – however knee length will be more appropriate and classy anyway. The traditional outfit is a midi to long skirt.

Today At The Headquarters


5// Being nice and keeping it down

Wearing Tracht or a Drindl in the office makes a clear and unmistakable statement to your boss and co-workers: “I will leave the office early today to party hard. Like real hard. Tomorrow I will probably come in late because I’ll still be wasted from singing and drinking at Oktoberfest but I won’t take a day off for it.” Unless you plan on going more than 3 times a workweek, might consider just taking some days off. But other than that you don’t have to. Just make sure in non-verbally saying that you are about to have a really awesome time and cannot wait to get out of the office, to keep the rest of your enthusiasm down a bit, just because there are people in the office that might not be able to do the same because of a deadline.

Today At The Headquarters

Attending Oktoberfest with your co-workers and agencies you’re working with is a whole different story…good luck with that one :)

Find more information about Munich’s Oktoberfest on

Have a great day!


Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is my personal opinion and bought with my own money. All outfits I wear on my blog, I actually wear at work.

© // 2015

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