The Office Christmas Party Dress

Today at the Headquarters

Sunny greetings from L.A.! It is end of November and Christmas decoration is slowly taking over every corner filling the atmosphere with winter-joy, even in sunny California. So speaking I would like to share with you what I will be wearing to this year’s office Christmas party – a simple black dress with lovely lace details.

Today at the Headquarters

During my L.A. business trip I had a quick moment to swing by the famous LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art to be enjoying their wonderful “Urban Light” installation right in front. Chris Burden created the artwork in 2008 by restoring a huge collection of 1920s cast-iron streetlamps from Los Angeles and its many adjacent cities. Streetlamps are one of the fundamental building blocks of an urban metropolis. These in particular giving a romantic European feel perfect for Christmas to enjoy. Around 5:00 pm their lights will turn on making the city appear safe after dark and beautiful to behold.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

I appreciate the cover-up for the shoulders as it is so appropriate for the office environment. The nude color lace accentuates the right places of my figure: the waistline well proportioned between top and bottom of the dress. Lines stretch and divide your figure nicely and add “the more” to a simple black dress. If you live in a cold area you can easily wear 50 den black tights with it and a leather or a classic wool jacket. Paired with fine gold jewelry and an accent color purse will make you steal looks from every corner of the soiree.

Today at the Headquarters

Have a great day!


Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is my personal opinion and bought with my own money. All outfits I wear on my blog, I actually wear at work.

© // 2015

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