Tweed Jacket & Midi Skirt

Today at the Headquarters I want to be super chic. The business year officially got back to speed and meetings pick up. Time for a great new impression. How about switching your regular costume into a jacket and midi skirt? I think this combination is super chic and really easy to mix with things you… Continue reading Tweed Jacket & Midi Skirt

Jeans, Blouse & Blazer

Hello Everybody and welcome back to work. If you dropped the pen at your desk before Christmas, like I did, there will be some cleaning up this week. Therefore I am wearing business casual today at the headquarters. Still wanting to be chic and making a good impression, I pair a statement blazer with extravagant shoulder… Continue reading Jeans, Blouse & Blazer

The Office Christmas Party Dress

Sunny greetings from L.A.! It is end of November and Christmas decoration is slowly taking over every corner filling the atmosphere with winter-joy, even in sunny California. So speaking I would like to share with you what I will be wearing to this year’s office Christmas party – a simple black dress with lovely lace details.… Continue reading The Office Christmas Party Dress

Blouse, Jeans & Sweater

Today at the Headquarters I am wearing a layered casual outfit mixing a dressy long shirt with a wool sweater. I am pairing it with casual jeans but you could easily dress it up with tight back trousers. Layering is fun when there is different lengths: the long blouse and the short sweater. I also… Continue reading Blouse, Jeans & Sweater

In The Office During Oktoberfest

It is time again! “Oktoberfest” in Munich is happening right now. It's the time of the year when we all become beer lovers…lots of beer-lovers, and girls put on their traditional Bavarian dresses even if they are not locally sourced, and guys put on their dance and singing skills...where there are so many tourists in the city… Continue reading In The Office During Oktoberfest

How To Pull Off A Leather Jacket At Work

Today at the headquarters I wanna feel cool n’ sexy! Well, lets backward the sexy factor a little in down dressing the overall outfit making it daytime appropriate ;) A leather jacket gives you a certain feel; The feel of freedom and edginess. As if you rebel the system; As if trying to overstep the… Continue reading How To Pull Off A Leather Jacket At Work