How To Stay Dry On Rainy Days

Boots, Jacket, umbrella, all in black is the recipe. Only one pop of colour adds fun to today's outfit. A red bag is a real eye-catcher, making my day much better and brighter.   Have a great day! Corinna Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is my personal opinion and bought with my own money. All outfits… Continue reading How To Stay Dry On Rainy Days

Button-Up Shirt & Leggings

It's Friday and I've already finished my week at the headquarters. What a lovely sunshine we've had today leading me to my neighborhood streets shooting my casual Friday outfit. Leggings are so comfy when doing desktop work. And a long button-up covers enough so it is absolutely work environment friendly. The material is thick but not… Continue reading Button-Up Shirt & Leggings

Shift Dress & Button-Up Shirt

Hello my hard working friends! Good news: spring is coming! How is the verge of the new season feeling for you? I think it is great - the sun and mood of everyone is lighting up and people are dragged to the streets filling cafés with laughter. So come, I was out in the sun early today and… Continue reading Shift Dress & Button-Up Shirt

Classic & Monochrome

I hope you had a wonderful weekend rejuvenating whatever that means to you. For me it is seeing art - mostly modern art. Munich has wonderful museums and world class art on display. When you enter the Pinakothek der Moderne high concrete stacks hold an incredible building inviting you to a modern world of visual delight.… Continue reading Classic & Monochrome

How To Dress-Up The Women Suit

You need to wear a super formal business outfit with flat shoes? Usually a very stiff outfit but you can spice things up at the headquarters with a bright maxi silk scarf. A silk scarf can be a lifetime investment. Once you figure out the colors that make you shine, a scarf can elevate any business… Continue reading How To Dress-Up The Women Suit